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Guitar Buying Guide For Beginners 2018 – Hunting Tips for the Best Guitar for Beginners

Trying to figure out the best guitar for beginners can be complicated. Each guitar is made differently and there’s a purpose behind those difference. They may sound all the same to regular people or to beginners, but most musicians would know when they hear it. You don’t just point at something and then pay for it. Each type of guitar is meticulously made to fit a certain type of player. So today, in this guitar buying guide for beginners, we are going to explain every single point that you must consider while purchasing the best guitar for a beginner.

guitar buying guide for beginners

So what do you have to know aside from it having 6 strings? Here’s a quick crash course on guitars.

  • Body – All guitars have a body. This makes up the most of the guitar. It’s the bulky part.
  • Neck – the long skinny part where you hold on to or put your fingers to.
  • Headstock – this is located at the far end of the neck from the body. This is where the strings attach to the tuners.
  • Tuning pegs – or sometimes it is also called the tuning machines on the headstock. All guitars need to be tuned.
  • Fretboard – or the fingerboard. This one is located at the top side of the neck where the strings are routed.
  • Frets – these are the small metal ridges that help delineate individual notes along the fretboard.

How the Guitar Works

When the strings are plucked or strummed, the strings vibrate. Vibration is where the sound of a guitar begins. The sound depends on whether the guitar is acoustic or electric. An acoustic guitar is different from electric guitar. Here are the types of guitars in a nutshell:

  1. Electric guitar – These are the ones that you have to plug in. Basically, this guitar comes with a built-in pickup or pickups that convert the vibrations of the string into electrical signals and then it gets amplified using a speaker called an amplifier.
  2. Acoustic guitar – to put it simply, you don’t have to plug it in. The sound waves from the strings resonate through the body of the guitar to create sound.
  3. Acoustic-Electric guitar- a hybrid of both guitars. It’s basically an acoustic guitar that has built-in pickups and you may or may not plug it in for amplifying sound.

Types of Guitar Strings

When it comes to the strings, there are also two types so you might want to think about that too. There are nylon string guitars and metal string guitars and they cannot be interchanged once bought.

  • Steel strings – these stings are more common. They create louder and brighter tones and are usually used by rock and pop musicians. Sometimes, country singers use this guitar too.
  • Nylon strings – these strings produce a softer tone. These are classical guitars and are mostly used to play classical music or folk music. Classical guitars have wider necks and they don’t make nylon string electric guitars. They are also easier on the fingers.

Now that you have an idea on guitars, let’s get down to business. You have to decide if you are buying an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar. If you are buying for someone who is planning to or taking acoustic guitar lessons for beginners, here are a few things you need to consider when looking for a good acoustic guitar or the best electric guitar for beginners.

Guitar Buying Guide For Beginners


Mostly, this can be done by looking up details on the internet and educating yourself. You can also simply call a friend or your music teacher or anyone you know and ask for recommendations or suggestions. Of course, some of the terms may be gibberish to you at first but this is nothing a little reading wouldn’t fix.


There are a lot of guitars for beginners that are relatively cheap. These guitars come in packages or sets with the necessary things to use like guitar cases and strap. If you’re in a tight budget, the cheapest you can find online is a 38″ Black Acoustic Guitar Starter Package which includes the guitar, a bag which is basically what you use to carry it around, the guitar’s strap, and a pick. Or you can also get a starter package for the Blue Student Acoustic Guitar, 38” which includes the guitar itself with its strap, the bag, and the pitch pipe.


If your budget is slightly bigger than that, you can consider getting packages that include learning aids for beginner guitar players, maybe a starter pack including the guitar lessons. This includes the guitar, the book (Guitar for Dummies) and Audio CD, and a Gig Bag. Or if you’re into something with branding, you can get a set that offers Fender Beginner Acoustic Guitar that has a Chord Buddy Learning System, a Snark guitar tuner, and assorted guitar Picks.


Most people just get the classic colors like brown ones or natural finish, but some people get guitars with bolder colors. For electric guitars, some of them have decorations or designs or the owners just add those on later on.
Guitars are available in different colors. If you’re buying for a more feminine person, some guitars come in blue and they make them in pink too. So if you’re buying for your daughter, you can try looking up the pink colored acoustic guitar starter package, Crescent MG38-PK with 38”. This includes the e-Tuner in digital form, CrescentTM, the strap for the guitar, the bag and the guitar pick.

They also make guitars in smaller sizes usually for kids. If you are buying for children, the usual guitar might be too big for them to play and carry around. Try checking out the Trendy 30 Inch 1/2 Half Size Children Beginner Steel String Acoustic Guitar Package. Don’t let the size fool you, these guitars actually sound good. This package includes the guitar, bag, strap, and guitar picks. These are all examples of what is a good guitar for beginners.


Before purchasing the guitar, check out your options. Ask the clerk and feel the guitar. You have to try playing some chords. Most stores will let you try out the guitars and you can ask all your questions to the clerk. What kind of wood was used, the number of frets, and the like? Of course, you also want to ask what’s included in the package to get the most out of your money’s worth. You can also ask for tips and advice as you go.

Those that were stated are just some of the best guitar for beginners but in the end, guitars are all about personal preference, so make sure you get the one that feels right. You will know more about the more technical or specific aspects of guitars once you’re done with your lessons and you can just upgrade your guitar after.