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Guitar Buying Guide For Beginners 2018 – Hunting Tips for the Best Guitar for Beginners

Trying to figure out the best guitar for beginners can be complicated. Each guitar is made differently and there’s a purpose behind those difference. They may sound all the same to regular people or to beginners, but most musicians would know when they hear it. You don’t just point at something and then pay for it. Each type of guitar is meticulously made to fit a certain type of player. So today, in this guitar buying guide for beginners, we are going to explain every single point that you must consider while purchasing the best guitar for a beginner.

guitar buying guide for beginners

So what do you have to know aside from it having 6 strings? Here’s a quick crash course on guitars.

  • Body – All guitars have a body. This makes up the most of the guitar. It’s the bulky part.
  • Neck – the long skinny part where you hold on to or put your fingers to.
  • Headstock – this is located at the far end of the neck from the body. This is where the strings attach to the tuners.
  • Tuning pegs – or sometimes it is also called the tuning machines on the headstock. All guitars need to be tuned.
  • Fretboard – or the fingerboard. This one is located at the top side of the neck where the strings are routed.
  • Frets – these are the small metal ridges that help delineate individual notes along the fretboard.

How the Guitar Works

When the strings are plucked or strummed, the strings vibrate. Vibration is where the sound of a guitar begins. The sound depends on whether the guitar is acoustic or electric. An acoustic guitar is different from electric guitar. Here are the types of guitars in a nutshell:

  1. Electric guitar – These are the ones that you have to plug in. Basically, this guitar comes with a built-in pickup or pickups that convert the vibrations of the string into electrical signals and then it gets amplified using a speaker called an amplifier.
  2. Acoustic guitar – to put it simply, you don’t have to plug it in. The sound waves from the strings resonate through the body of the guitar to create sound.
  3. Acoustic-Electric guitar- a hybrid of both guitars. It’s basically an acoustic guitar that has built-in pickups and you may or may not plug it in for amplifying sound.

Types of Guitar Strings

When it comes to the strings, there are also two types so you might want to think about that too. There are nylon string guitars and metal string guitars and they cannot be interchanged once bought.

  • Steel strings – these stings are more common. They create louder and brighter tones and are usually used by rock and pop musicians. Sometimes, country singers use this guitar too.
  • Nylon strings – these strings produce a softer tone. These are classical guitars and are mostly used to play classical music or folk music. Classical guitars have wider necks and they don’t make nylon string electric guitars. They are also easier on the fingers.

Now that you have an idea on guitars, let’s get down to business. You have to decide if you are buying an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar. If you are buying for someone who is planning to or taking acoustic guitar lessons for beginners, here are a few things you need to consider when looking for a good acoustic guitar or the best electric guitar for beginners.

Guitar Buying Guide For Beginners


Mostly, this can be done by looking up details on the internet and educating yourself. You can also simply call a friend or your music teacher or anyone you know and ask for recommendations or suggestions. Of course, some of the terms may be gibberish to you at first but this is nothing a little reading wouldn’t fix.


There are a lot of guitars for beginners that are relatively cheap. These guitars come in packages or sets with the necessary things to use like guitar cases and strap. If you’re in a tight budget, the cheapest you can find online is a 38″ Black Acoustic Guitar Starter Package which includes the guitar, a bag which is basically what you use to carry it around, the guitar’s strap, and a pick. Or you can also get a starter package for the Blue Student Acoustic Guitar, 38” which includes the guitar itself with its strap, the bag, and the pitch pipe.


If your budget is slightly bigger than that, you can consider getting packages that include learning aids for beginner guitar players, maybe a starter pack including the guitar lessons. This includes the guitar, the book (Guitar for Dummies) and Audio CD, and a Gig Bag. Or if you’re into something with branding, you can get a set that offers Fender Beginner Acoustic Guitar that has a Chord Buddy Learning System, a Snark guitar tuner, and assorted guitar Picks.


Most people just get the classic colors like brown ones or natural finish, but some people get guitars with bolder colors. For electric guitars, some of them have decorations or designs or the owners just add those on later on.
Guitars are available in different colors. If you’re buying for a more feminine person, some guitars come in blue and they make them in pink too. So if you’re buying for your daughter, you can try looking up the pink colored acoustic guitar starter package, Crescent MG38-PK with 38”. This includes the e-Tuner in digital form, CrescentTM, the strap for the guitar, the bag and the guitar pick.

They also make guitars in smaller sizes usually for kids. If you are buying for children, the usual guitar might be too big for them to play and carry around. Try checking out the Trendy 30 Inch 1/2 Half Size Children Beginner Steel String Acoustic Guitar Package. Don’t let the size fool you, these guitars actually sound good. This package includes the guitar, bag, strap, and guitar picks. These are all examples of what is a good guitar for beginners.


Before purchasing the guitar, check out your options. Ask the clerk and feel the guitar. You have to try playing some chords. Most stores will let you try out the guitars and you can ask all your questions to the clerk. What kind of wood was used, the number of frets, and the like? Of course, you also want to ask what’s included in the package to get the most out of your money’s worth. You can also ask for tips and advice as you go.

Those that were stated are just some of the best guitar for beginners but in the end, guitars are all about personal preference, so make sure you get the one that feels right. You will know more about the more technical or specific aspects of guitars once you’re done with your lessons and you can just upgrade your guitar after.


Best Electric Guitars for Beginners 2018

Are you a musician or want to be one? And looking for best electric guitars for beginners?

If you are looking for a perfect electric guitar as per a learner, you are in the right place. Learning guitar or any new instrument is a fantastic experience but for that, you will have to make sure that you chose a perfect guitar for yourself.

There are plenty of guitars on the market and choosing your perfect pick can be a tough task. We personally went through a long range of Electric guitar and narrowed them down to 10 Best Electric guitars for beginners.

There are tons of guitar on the market, some of them are extremely expensive, some are highly customizable but if you are a beginner you must be looking for a mid-budget guitar with minimal customizations.

And for that, we made sure the guitar isn’t very expensive and provide the best value for money.

How did we prepare the perfect list for you?

We made a certain criterion and tested every guitar on the basis of that and users review made this list of best beginner electric guitars for you.

We made a list of top 10 electric guitars from no. 1 down to no. 10 with their features, pros, and cons (if any).

Make Sure to get them from authorized sellers because there are many fake dummies on the market. Everyone has their own taste and budget and you can blindly choose any one of the following best starter electric guitars.

Go through each one of the following electric guitars and chose the one that best suits you, also try to read their reviews on Amazon or wherever you get it from.

You may know that there are various types of electric guitars too, like one that has a solid body and the ones that are acoustic.

Well, these are just two of the many types of electric guitars which are further divided into various roots.

As a beginner, you should get a guitar which is easily playable, otherwise, you will think that guitars are harder to play than it should be.

I would never suggest you get a V-shaped guitar in the beginning as it can be harder to play as a beginner. And, when you are finally buying an Electric guitar, make sure it is comfortable in your hand, especially the fretboard and body.

Buzzing notes can be annoying and flat frets are best when they are even. The tuning heads should stay in place so that you would not have to adjust them constantly.

What should be your Budget?

Keeping all these points in your mind while looking for best electric guitar as a beginner can be hard, and hence we are here at the rescue, you will not have to check all these things if you pick one of the guitars in our list.

Just make sure that if you are actually serious about learning guitar you should at least have a budget of $150 or more.


There are a lot of electric guitars to choose from, but as you are looking for the best electric guitars for a beginners, choosing an electric guitar which makes the learning easier and fun will be the perfect option for you. And below is a complete list of all top 10 best electric guitars for a beginner. We are going to discuss more about every single electric guitar mentioned below.

1. Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112V Electric Guitar; Old Violin Sunburst
2. Ibanez RG Series RG450DX – Starlight Blue
3. Epiphone Les Paul-100 Electric Guitar
4. Jackson JS 1X Dinky Minion Electric Guitar
5. Sawtooth ST-ES-FBRC-BEG ES Series ST Style Electric Guitar
6. Squier by Fender Short Scale Stratocaster
7. Yamaha RevStar RS420 Electric Guitar
8. Hagstrom Tremar Viking Deluxe Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar
9. Godin 5th Avenue CW Electric Guitar
10. Paul Reed Smith SE Zach Myers Signature Electric Guitar
Now I am going to tell you the features, pros, and cons of these best electric guitars for beginners listed above.

Top 10 Best Electric Guitars for Beginners

Let’s begin our top 10 list in order: –

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1. Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112V Electric Guitar

Yamaha is one of the best brands in the market and this guitar is from Yamaha’s Pacifica Series which has some of the most popular electric guitars. The best part of this electric guitar is that it has a total of 11 color variations to choose from!

Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112V Electric Guitar
Also, this guitar is a perfect value for money as it offers really sturdy body with the best quality of hardware and electronics.
It has retro style body which is exceptionally comfortable and easy to play. The strings that come with the guitar are pretty good and no need to change them for a long time.
• Good Tone
• Fun to play
• Nice feel
• Best neck I ever came across
• Best quality of electronics used
• Budget Friendly
• None that I know of.

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2. Ibanez RG Series RG450DX – Starlight Blue

This is my favorite guitar and I personally used this guitar for more than two years. Guitar has pretty good build, its body is made up of good quality metal.

Ibanez RG Series RG450DX


They built this guitar keeping beginner in mind as they made sure it is easy to use. The RG450DX feels comfortable in hand and has a promising build which will last longer than you can think of.
Although I replaced the strings as soon as I received the guitar the stock strings are good and promising too.
The RG450DX has a mahogany body and is covered in a white pickguard, and the guitar’s shark tooth inlaid bound rosewood fingerboard, make for a clean, clear, visual statement with a touch of a throwback vibe.

• Metal Build
• Looks are Fantastic
• Feels great in hands
• Sturdy
• Poor Pick up
• Can’t stress more than a limit
• The sound feels a little flat.

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3. Epiphone Les Paul-100 Electric Guitar

Epiphone Les Paul is one of the best brands for guitars on the market which you can blindly trust and that’s why one of it’s guitar has been also featured in our collection of best guitars for beginners. Les Paul 100 is given the classic Les Paul looks.

Epiphone Les Paul-100 Electric Guitar
The body of this guitar is made up of Mahogany wood, which gives deeper sounds. The guitar is capable of giving out richest and most vibrant sounds.
Like all the guitars in the list, this guitar is comfortable in hands and easy to play for the beginners. The guitar has bolt-on neck construction provides edgy and articulate sound.
If you want to make some metal sounds, them this guitar should be a perfect pick for you.
• Perfect Metallic sound
• Can produce a deep sound
• Feels comfortable in the hand
• Best value for money
• None

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4. Jackson JS 1X Dinky Minion Electric Guitar

This guitar has a pretty modern look. Build of the 1x dinky minion is not that promising but the sounds that it can produce are great.

Jackson JS 1X Dinky Minion Electric Guitar
If you can take good care of your guitar, then you should pick The Dinky Minion as it has the best quality and range of sounds in the entire list plus it offers a long range of configurations that you can do once you learn the basics of an electric guitar.
This one does not come with a case but you surely can buy one separately which will be compatible with the Jackson JS 1X Dinky Minion Electric Guitar.
This guitar is mostly preferred by teachers for practicing and building your skills as a guitarist. So I must say the guitar although comes with bad craftsmanship but feels comfortable in hand and produces best quality sound.
• Good Feel
• Nice Tone
• Can produce Awesome Sound
• Good Pick up
• Cheaper than similar Electric guitars in the Market.
• Cheap Tuners.
• Poor quality of build.

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5. Sawtooth ST-ES-FBRC-BEG ES Series ST Style Electric Guitar

This guitar comes from the brand Sawtooth. Never heard that name?
yes because this according to me is most underrated guitar brand which offers a pretty good range of Electric guitars in best budget possible.

Sawtooth ST-ES-FBRC-BEG ES Series ST Style Electric Guitar
If you are getting one from the right place, this can be the cheapest electric guitar for beginners on our list. The guitar we have listed here comes from ES series which is known for the beautiful build and looks of the guitar.
This guitar doesn’t have many pros but also doesn’t have any cons too.
• cheapest electric guitar for beginners
• beautiful build and looks
• Sycamore body
• 3 single coil pickup with 5-way switches
• 2 tone controls and 1 master volume.
• None

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6. Squier by Fender Short Scale Stratocaster

The package of Squier contains the Squier Guitar itself, 10-watt amplifier, strap and the cable. It has been made to capture the Essential recipe that Fender makes very special.

Squier by Fender Short Scale Stratocaster
Fender has been one of the most trusted brands among musical instruments for a long now. It comes with 1-year warranty package. The 24″ short scale is ideal for smaller hands of beginners and they provide a comfortable feel while playing.
• The product from a trusted brand
• Short scale is ideal for beginners
• Comfortable playing in hand feel
• A headphone jack makes it perfect for silent practices.
• A little costly to buy
• Little heavier than expected

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7. Yamaha RevStar RS420 Electric Guitar

RS420 provides you with excellent performance to hit the elusive stylistic sweet spot. The RevStar is specially initiated with YGD pickups.

Yamaha RevStar RS420 Electric Guitar
They are amazing to match with any other guitar in the group. It has a dry switch that provides you with a coil split and has versatility.
All the elements of the RevStar are initiated for awesome performance and amazing style.
• 6 strings
• 3-way pickup switch
• Push or pull tone control
• Dry switch
• The case is sold separately
• No accessories provided with the box

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8. Hagstrom Tremar Viking Deluxe Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar

The Hagstrom Tremar is designed to compete with other guitars with its lush finish and maple top. It has a semi-hollow body along with the hard maple made in Canada.

Hagstrom Tremar Viking Deluxe Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar
Its fingerboard has been made using Resonator. Even after being wildest tracks, its Tune-o-Matic bridge will offer you tuning stability.
It has the H type expander truss rod to provide tension at both ends equally.
• Separate tone and volume controls
• 3-way switch
• Dual HJ 50 pickups
• Canadian hard maple set type neck
• H-type expander truss rod
• Expensive to buy

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9. Sawtooth ST-ES-LH-BKC-KIT-3 Left-Handed Electric Guitar

The sawtooth ST-ES-LH-BKC-KIT-3 Electric Guitar is one the true vintage guitars available on the market that have all modern features.

Sawtooth Left Handed Electric Guitar
With its single coil pickup, it can deliver vintage tones with full clarity and attitude. Its rich tone would sophisticate you to have a try on it, and the best part is that it is really cheap. And as it comes with a complete kit, you don’t have to purchase anything externally. The Kit includes pickguard, lesson, Gig bag, stand, cable, picks, tuner, strap and an amplifier. All the components of the kit are also really great in quality.

The body of the Godin 5th Avenue has been made by Canadian wild cherry with arched back and top.

• 1 volume, 1 tone, and 3-way switches
• Left Handed Orientation
• Canadian wild cherry build
• Classic and vintage tone
• Compiled with all modern features.
• Not for professionals

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10. Paul Reed Smith SE Zach Myers Signature Electric Guitar

The PRS SE Zach has a vintage styled tone with a pair of SE 245 humbucking pickups. The body of SE Zach has a semi-hollow design.

Paul Reed Smith SE Zach Myers Signature Electric Guitar

This design delivers warm resonance thus resulting in clarity of sound. It has an unmistakable neck by Paul Reed Smith. It has all the 6 strings with a mahogany made the body.
The fingerboard is made from Rosewood. Let us now see its pros and cons:
• Superb and amazing sound quality
• Outstanding build quality
• Satin neck
• Body is made of Mahogany
• F-hole design for warm resonance.
• Humbuckers can’t compete with USA range
• Little expensive to buy

Final Words
Well, that was such a long list of best electric guitars for beginners. I hope you might have got the best guitar for the beginning.
A huge best of luck from our team for your beginning. May you do well. Do leave your feedback about the products in the comments below.
Also, tell us if we have forgotten to put up your favorite electric guitar on this list of best electric guitars for beginners. Thank You